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We are a family business, with a great olive tradition. Parents, children and now grandchildren dedicated to seeing grow and care for olive trees with care and care. Since ily little my husband Juan (Mary) we have grown among olive trees and we have a great affection for this land and our landscape, this well-called "sea of olive trees". Now with our daily work we try to pass this on to our children Pedro Luis, Elena and Juan.

Currently, we are dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and the production of an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality.

In our company we integrate all the necessary processes to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unbeatable quality:

  • Careful cultivation of the olive tree (adequate pruning, treatments and pest control with products that respect the environment, irrigation ...).
  • Collection of the olive in its optimum moment of maturity and its transport to the mill in the minimum time and in the best conditions.
  • Careful grinding of the olive in the mill to obtain the best extra virgin oil under the most suitable conditions that allow the oil to retain all the aromas and flavors of fresh olives and all healthy properties (polyphenols, vitamins ...)
  • Careful storage and packaging of the oil obtained.
  • Direct marketing ! FROM THE FIELD TO YOUR TABLE!
  • And we contribute to preserving and conserving the environment by managing the by-products, both from the crop (pruning remains, etc.) and from the oil mill (bone for heating and alpeorujo for compost).

EVOO Cortijo SPIRITU_SANTO, is an extra virgin olive oil, which is made only and exclusively with the olives produced in the olive trees of this farm, located in the municipality of Úbeda, in the heart of the province of Jaén, one of the largest areas olive groves of Spain.

We are a family business, with a long tradition in olive growing. We cultivate approximately 100 hectares of olive trees of the “picual” variety following environmentally friendly techniques, to prevent soil erosion and degradation and preserve biodiversity.

We elaborate this oil with the most modern techniques, of carefully selected olives and harvested at the beginning of October, in a state of optimum maturity, which make it possible to obtain a real olive juice, with very particular organoleptic characteristics, highlighting the intensity of its fruity and the complexity of its aromas; herbaceous and fruit trees, excelling in the mouth, its exceptional balance between bitter and spicy.

The location of our mill located in the farm itself, makes it possible for the collection and transport of the fruit from the field to the mill, is carried out continuously throughout the day in short periods of time and is ground not having passed more than 6 hours since collection. Getting with this haste in the handling and processing of the fruit, the freshness of our oil.

The oil is extracted at a low temperature, it does not exceed 22º C and is carefully selected for storage in the cellar, where it is kept conveniently filtered and inertized with nitrogen throughout the year, for its perfect conservation, so we manage to keep the physical properties practically unaltered -chemical and organoleptic of the product.

AOVE CORTIJO SPIRITU_SANTO, is an extra virgin olive oil, "picual", with unique characteristics that make it unique:

  • The careful cultivation of our olive trees with practices that respect the environment.
  • The harvest of the olive in its optimum moment of maturity, at the beginning of the month of October and its transport to the mill in the minimum time and in the best conditions.
  • The careful milling of the olive in the mill under the most suitable conditions to preserve all the aromas and flavors, and all the properties
    healthy (polyphenols, vitamins ...) of freshly harvested fresh olives.
  • And its optimal storage and packaging.

EVOO provides the body with basic nutrients. It helps reduce cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. It stimulates growth and has an antioxidant effect on the cell membrane that lines the cells of our body.

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Cortijo del Espíritu Santo, S/N
23400 Úbeda, Jaén


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