We are a family business with a great olive-growing tradition. We are parents, children and now grandchildren dedicated to watching our olive trees grow and looking after them. Since we were very little children, my husband Juan and I (María) have grown up among olive trees and have a great affection for this land and our countryside, which is aptly named “sea of olive trees”.Now, through our daily work, we intend to pass on this to our children, Pedro Luis, Elena and Juan.

We are currently engaged in olive tree cultivation and in making an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.

In our company, we integrate all of the necessary processes for obtaining an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of unbeatable quality:

  • Careful olive tree cultivation o (proper pruning, pest treatment and control with products which respect the environment, irrigation…).
  • Harvesting of olives at their optimal time of maturity and their transport to the olive mill as quickly as possible and in the best conditions.
  • Consummate pressing of olives in the olive mill in order to obtain the best extra virgin oil under the most suitable conditions which permit the oil to conserve all of the aromas and flavours of the fresh olives and all of the healthy properties (polyphenols, vitamins…).
  • Storage and careful packaging of the oil obtained.
  • Direct marketing FROM THE FIELD TO YOUR TABLE!

And we contribute to the preservation and conservation of the environment by managing the by-products, both of the cultivation (young branches remaining after pruning, etc.) as well as of the olive mill (pits for heating and spent olives for compost).