You will obtain a delicious and exclusive picual variety Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with olives from our finca harvested in the month of November and pressed at ambient temperature to maintain all of the healthy properties of the oil. You will receive the oil in your own home in a period of 1 month from the harvesting. We guarantee you that it will conserve the aroma and the flavour of the recently harvested olives. From the olive tree to your table!
– Your olive tree will have an olive wood plaque and you can personalise it choosing whatever expression you desire.
– You will receive a sponsorship certificate, a photo of your olive tree, a gift of olive tree wood and information on all of the care that is being given to it.
– You can visit it once a year.


Method A. 70 € you will receive 1 Bag in Box and 1 Rustic Bottle 500 ml of Picual of NOE.

Method B. 90 € you will receive 2 Bag in Box and 1 Rustic Bottle 250 ml of Picual of NOE.

*(Packaging expenses included for packaging in Spanish territory. You are advised to pick up the oil during your visit to the finca).


It is an initiative which contributes to the sustainable development of the traditional olive tree. With your financial contribution, you contribute to the maintenance of one of the olive trees that grow on our finca and you make a firm and decisive commitment to quality and obtaining Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the authentic olive juice.

The art of olive tree cultivation is currently in serious danger. Due to the high costs of cultivation and harvesting and the reduction of the price of olive oil, fundamentally caused by the large distribution chains, the traditional olive grove is below its profitability threshold. Many farmers when faced with this situation decide to abandon their trees.

In Cortijo Spíritu_Santo we would like to take action. By this initiative we are trying to break the current market structures, by promoting the direct sale, from the producer to the consumer, by cutting out the middleman.

When you sponsor an olive tree you make a firm commitment to the continuation of the olive trees which form part of the natural countryside of this province, thus contribute with the environment on our finca all of the work that is carried out in order to ensure that this is focused on the maintenance and the conservation of our soil and at the same time contribute to the maintenance of many workplaces since the traditional cultivation of an olive grove is very labour-intensive and you will also value the well-made things by making a commitment to quality oils, since in our olive mill we make authentic juice from recently harvested olives, top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a healthy food with very beneficial effects for your health.

¡You will have a unique experience! As owner you will become a virtual olive grower. With your contribution, you will contribute to the maintenance and well-being of your olive tree, you will receive information on all of the work carried out and care given in the course of the year (pruning, manuring, harvesting, ..) you will receive a certificate with a photo of your olive tree and you can visit it once a year. In our finca your olive tree will have a plaque which indicates who is its owner and on what date it was sponsored.

¡Make the best possible gift!
If you do not know what to give to your partner, family member or friend, and you would like something original and surprising. A gift that covers quality, works together with the environment, and has beneficial effects for the health of the person who receives it.