Cortijo SPIRITU_SANTO is an extra virgin olive oil that is only and exclusively made from olives produced on the olive trees of our finca. The estate is located in the city of Ubeda in the heart of the province of Jaén, one of the largest olive-growing areas in Spain. We are a family company with a long tradition of olive cultivation. We cultivate approximately 100 hectares of the “picual” variety of olive trees using techniques respectful of the environment in order to avoid soil erosion and degradation and preserve biodiversity.

We make our oil using the most modern techniques and setting careful quality standards. The olives are harvested at the beginning of October at an optimal state of maturity; the fruit produces real olive juice with some very particular organoleptic characteristics, bringing out the intensity of its fruity flavour and the complexity of its aromas: herbal and fruity, rising up in the mouth, with an exceptional balance between bitter and tangy.

The location of our oil mill in our own estate makes it possible to have the olives harvested and transported from the field to the oil mill continuously in short periods several times daily, so that they are milled in less than 6 hours from their harvesting. Due to this urgency in the handling and processing of the fruit, we are able to ensure the freshness of our oil.

The oil is cold pressed at a temperature that never exceeds 22°C and carefully selected for its storage in the bodega, where it is conveniently filtered and kept all year and nitrogen blanketed for its perfect conservation, so that we manage to keep the product’s physical, chemical and organoleptic properties practically unaltered

We offer you a comprehensive range of sizes as gifts or for your own consumption at home.
250 and 500 ml glass containers each with an anti-drip dispenser and a NON-REFILLABLE STOPPER, which guarantee the origin and the purity of the product at all times. FAMILY SIZE 5 litre bag in a box. Novel COMFORTABLE and PRACTICAL container which ensures that our oil keeps the same properties from the first to the last drop


CORTIJO SPIRITU_SANTO is a “picual” extra virgin olive oil, with some particular properties that make it unique:
. The consummate cultivation of our olive trees with practices respectful of the environment.
. The harvesting of olives at their optimal time of maturity, at the beginning of the month of November and their transport to the olive mill as quickly as possible and in the best conditions.
. The careful pressing of olives in the olive mill under the most suitable conditions in order to conserve all of the aromas and flavours, and all of the healthy properties (polyphenols, vitamins…) of the recently harvested fresh olives and their storage and optimal packaging.

The NOE provides the body with basic nutrients. It helps reduce cholesterol, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. It stimulates growth and has an antioxidant effect on the cellular membrane that covers the cells of our body.